Miss B's Read Alouds are packed with positivity we all need!

"...lean in super close, and I want you to listen to this one very important thing. And, that one important thing is YOU. You my little friends are absolutely perfect just the way you are...true story." states Miss B with the unconditional love of a fellow human being who loves all people. Miss B goes on "Please don't try to be anyone else, just be you."

The thing about read alouds is you get to enjoy the personality of the host or hostess. And, Miss B is full of positive energy that she shares with her listeners.

I really appreciate Miss B taking the time to highlight my book on her YouTube Channel. Thank you so much!

And, for those of you who love a read aloud for your kids, Miss B does a great job! Don't forget to subscribe to her YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4PBmO6NVNorAJzydhOVnMQ

where you can check out many other great children's picture books with her.

P.S. Check out those cute Christmassy earrings she's wearing too?

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